BACON combines CPS, Integration and Big Data concepts and expertise from innovative SMEs Information Catalyst for Enterprise'ICE (Big Data, Service Orchestration/ESB, Semantic Interoperability) and C2K (Adaptive Manufacturing, PLC, CPS).

The aim is to develop a new toolset that enables interoperability within the manufacturing information value chain. Thus, BACON will connect the expertise of the ICE'C2K to form a potential business partnership to develop collaborative commercial opportunities. The potential is to expand both companies reach, ability to solve customer challenges, and reduce development efforts, through a combined service offering in the information/product manufacturing fields.

BACON combines C2K 'Industreweb' PLC/CPS solution for monitoring shop-floor assets, with ICE's open source 'Data Platform' (including semantic interoperability) through an off-the-shelf ESB. It seeks to expand the Industreweb platform with 4DIAC PLC interconnectivity and demonstrate and validate this in the context of a manufacturing scenario utilizing Balluff controls amongst others.

In addition the interfacing of Industreweb with Fortiss Future Factory also seeks to expand its capabilities for orchestrating cells & improving productivity in demanding manufacturing environments

BACON is partially funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program through the
CPSE Sub-Call.



To produce a combined project output of independent and joint exploitability to enable reusability and commercialisation of project outcomes in a combined offering completing a Big-Data ' CPS value chain


To extend the capability of the Industreweb platform by integrating it with ICE's data platform (information interoperability), 4DIAC (distributed control) and the Fortiss Future Factory platform (adaptive reconfiguration).


To experiment and pilot the integrated Industreweb platform in realistic manufacturing scenarios with assistance from corporate advisors


To adapt and validate the data harmonization, interoperability and analytics techniques to match the target domain.


Existing technologies have been combined (i.e. IndustreWeb and ICE Data Platform both at TRL9) to create a new platform baseline at Technology Readiness Level 6

Both SME partners have added to their market stack of production support products / services enabling new business opportunities to be realised

Collaborative activity between the two companies working on complementary innovations has been established, thus providing a win-win exploitable partnership 'best of breeds' and commercial opportunity

Data sources used on the Experiminetal Demonstrator bottling production rig

Fortiss 4DIAC production interface boards

Inline pressure sensor used for big data analytics

Information Catalyst for Enterprise

Information Catalyst for Enterprise (Information Catalyst or ICE for short) delivers expertise, consultancy, and innovative solutions in the field of (Big) Data, information interoperability, and integration. It projects this knowledge into other areas such as resource provision (from listed company CTOs to developers) as well as research and innovation proposal development, consultancy, administration and training e (e.g. in the EUs 80 Billion H2020 program). Finally, ICE contributes to voluntary groups such as Europe's Big Data Value Association (BDVA) where ICE's Director was the inaugural Secretary General.


Control 2K

C2K has established heritage in the domain of manufacturing technology and industrial control systems. With over 17 years in business their services include systems integration, data capture and process improvement. C2K delivers these services using their Industreweb Platform, that enables both legacy data sources to be interfaced with Ethernet enabled, wireless and Smart devices. This enables a 'big picture' view of the process to enable real insight into problems and efficiency opportunities. C2K is a member of TANet and is involved with a number of Future Manufacturing European Projects.


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CPS Technology Lead

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