Industry & Manufacturing

Most industrial businesses have been monitoring and collecting data from the dawn of the manufacturing era as it feeds back vital information to improve the efficiency, performance and ultimately the profitability of an organisation.

Services such as Energy Monitoring have become more abundant thanks to the many Apps created for the mobile marketplace yet companies need a more robust solution when it comes to the shop-floor.

Other initiatives such as reducing the carbon footprint are also flavour of the month. Organisations such as the Carbon Trust offer guides to measure the carbon footprint and total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product. Whilst this seems like an overkill for most organisations, legislation is driving the requirements to measure different greenhouse gases, the marketing and corporate image of even the smaller organisations can be enhanced if they are seen by their customers to be environmentally friendly.

A number of products are available to fulfil the typical requirements of most businesses and after many years of listening to the needs of the industry, products such as INDUSTREWEB have been developed for data collection, presentation and dissemination.

Data Collection - From any system to any system.

Data Display – Typically Shop floor data displayed on a range of platforms including web browsers.

Energy Monitoring - Cut bills by identifying waste.

Supply Chain Integration - Linking suppliers to real time data to minimise stock levels.

Error Proofing – Ensuring correct operation and protect for operators and maintenance personnel.

Virtual Factory – Ensuring correct operation and protect for operators and maintenance personnel.

INDUSTREWEB is browser based, so data is widely available when and where it is needed with an eye on security regarding who sees it. INDUSTREWEB helps monitor and improve performance, communicate effectively, reduce maintenance costs and is only one of the products available via SMECluster.

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