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Titanium Components

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Test Abril




Wood Bord Abril

Searching for MDF boards 20x100 cm. Need to be delivered in Valencia. Spain.



Joint purchase of Literature Pocket, large

We need a partner for the complete or partial takeover of an already ordered delivery.



Looking for Anodizing Supplier / various colors

We would provide these parts until 24.05.2022 and need them back 24.06.2022. Certificate EN9001 or EN9100 is required, furthermore should we allowed to perform audits on request (this will be later asked in relevant questionnaire).



New Opportunity

We can offer products relevant to your needs at a cheap cost! From Metal pressings to cast metals



Network Installation

Cabling experts required for large factory network installation. Must be capable of CAT6 cabling. Resources required for 4 week contract



Metallic cube

Metallic cubes 20x20x20 cm



Design and implementation of an Industry 4.0 Training & Testing Rig

We intend to expand our support offering to businesses by installing a fully operational production line for digital / SMART / IOT training, in-line with our fully developed framework for I4.0 Skills Development. The Rig will combine traditional control systems and the very latest digital manufacturing technologies including robotics/automation, AI & machine learning, data collection and analysis, IOT and connectivity.



Looking for a partner for PED Containment Bags PNR 7261-50

We are looking for a partner to purchase each 5ea PED Containment Bags, so that 10ea MOQ are met. We are convinced from the quality of the bags, this is why we do not want to purchase alternative products.



Looking for Phenolic Resin

We are looking for a supplier for 1 ton of phenolic resin. Main point here is that we need this large quanitity delivered within 6 weeks starting from today! All european suppliers are welcome.



Aluminium Cast plate EN AW-5754

We develop a special alloy for high-quality anodised surfaces. The manufacturer requires an MOQ of 10 tons. Who would participate in an order?



Ethanol 99%,1l MEK

Due to the shortage of consumables in the pandemic, we are looking for partners for the procurement of a larger quantity (at least 5000l = 5 IBCs)



Innovative extruded aluminium profiles

We are developing a two-part profile that can be used to realize universally applicable small enclosures for in-flight entertainment in aviation. The focus here is on outstanding cooling performance and protection against liquids. From 1000kg upwards, significant price advantages are possible in procurement.




LAGRAMA needs METALLIC TUBE 40X20mm AND 40X15mm long 1240mm. If it is possible, painted in white as shown in the attached document. Our company can provide the logistics service.




Lagrama is looking for a company that can provide a final product METALLIC BASE (METAL) PROTECTOR 124 F00600 with the specs of the blueprint attached to this demand. We need 500 units 23.85€per-unit of this product untill the end of June to be delivered to Spain city:Vinaroz province: CASTELLÓN street: PLANES ALTES. CARRET. VINARÓS-ULLDECONA . We have a logistics provider but your company can send us an offer with logistics price.



Phenol resin PR-FR-5361

At least 1 ton (1.000kg) is needed if we have a chance to win the job (as only then we can purchase to a good price). We need urgent feedback. Who wants to join this bulk purchase?



Seach: Isovolta decor foil Airdec AIC 2.16 fog PSA

We are looking for a partner to purchase the above mentioned decor foil. We would buy 3ea sheets, 7ea more are needed to avoid setup cost to reduce the whole package price.



Looking for a partner for phenolic Honeycomb Panels 3mm (e.g. EC-PA233B-3)

We would like to find a partner for the raw material as described above. If we together get to 10 ea plates for the group purchase, we could reduce lead time, avoid setup costs and thus would get generally better prices.



Looking for Partner for expoy resin

We need 500kg, our partner should at least also require 500kg to reach a price break which would significantly reduce the cost per kg. We need the resin until end of June. Lead time is 4 weeks, so we should place the order until end of May.



Aluminium cast plates

We develop a special alloy for high-quality anodised surfaces.



Full Scale WaveSub Wind Turbine Service

Marine Power Systems (MPS) is developing flexible ocean energy extraction technology that can harness wave energy (WaveSub), wind energy (WindSub) and combined wind and wave energy (DualSub). All the machines share a common modular floating platform technology developed by and proprietary to MPS that has cost and deployment advantages over other floating platform approaches. The wave energy capture and conversion system is also developed by and proprietary to MPS, with performance and cost advantages over competing wave energy converters. To enable the successful development of this technology, a full scale WaveSub prototype will be designed and deployed. The WaveSub prototype will first be configured for wave energy extraction with one wave energy convertor attached (see D-CONC-13). Upon completion of the WaveSub prototype operation, the platform will be demobilised.



GLLM FTC Food & Drink Manufacturing Premises Design Consultancy 2021

Grwp Llandrillo Menai, a North Wales based FE College, seeks to appoint a single consultancy company with the capacity to provide professional advice and guidance to our Food Technology Centre clients on the design and development of their existing or new build manufacturing premises, ensuring finish to exemplar standard and is fit for purpose.



Structured Internet Limited

Structured Internet provides businesses with the tools to create and promote their online presence via its suite of advanced seocart website content management products.



Dragon Spark Productions Ltd.

We are a creative film production company specialising in 4K video production. Our passionate and diverse creative team produce high-end marketing videos, corporate videos, short and feature length films, digital content, motion graphics and multi-platform advertising campaigns. We own some of the Country’s most professional and diverse range of film equipment including professional 4K and HD Broadcast cameras.



3X Software Ltd

Providing software and systems for over 30 years to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. Our Services include: Ecommerce Sites, Websites, Bespoke Software Development, Postal Address Lookup and Validation using Royal Mails PAF database, Website Hosting, IBM Midrange Development, Retail Consultancy, Credit Card Processing, Charity online solutions for Donations and fund raising



Safehouse Technology Ltd

Safehouse Technology Ltd provides an "End-to-end IoT Solution" for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Care Providers. Our solution has been designed to help organisations care for individuals that they are responsible for, through Environmental Monitoring and Telecare services. Safehouse uses the latest LPWAN Technology to provide an affordable alternative to existing and expensive systems. Our main objective is to improve the Health & Well-Being of residents and to help individuals Live Independently At Home.



Blue Sky Digital

Blue Sky Digital is South Wales’ only approved dealer for Canon, Sharp and HP digital office systems and brings together over 25 Years experience in the office equipment industry. As a dealership Blue Sky Digital benefits from the added expertise and support which working with Canon, Sharp and HP brings. We supply multi-functional devices, office printers, print production machines and audiovisual equipment. This includes the latest technology, software and accessories to help grow business capacity, improve efficiency and increase savings including phone and voice systems. We also partner with skilled niche IT suppliers to offer specific services and software including data capture. Contact us today to experience professional, approachable and efficient service.



General Communications

Experts in providing bespoke telecommunication services for business for 3 decades. At General Communications, we offer your company the most cost-effective communication solutions based specifically on your business needs. We have assisted thousands of companies throughout the UK, finding the best solutions for their requirements and providing the best price. Saving your business money We at Gen Comms work directly to show you exactly how to save your company money on your annual spend of business phones and mobiles, to find you the best tariffs. We work closely with the 4 largest UK networks to proved you deals that you can’t get anywhere else.




DashHound is a social commerce platform that empowers beauty consumers to make efficient, infallible purchase decisions. Through the use of cutting-edge machine learning techniques, the platform connects beauty enthusiasts, globally, with the products used by their online influencers.