Siemens PLC TIA Portal

Siemens PLC TIA Portal


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This course is for maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Electricians with the operation, configuration, programming and fault finding of Siemens SIMATIC TIA Portal Systems 



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Description :

Learning Objectives:

  • To be familiar with the setup and management of projects
  • To understand how to setup and make changes to a hardware configuration
  • To understand the structure of a PLC programme and its operation
  • To be able to implement and edit a PLC programme including common blocks: OB, FC, FB, DB
  • To understand the fundamentals of PLC logic instructions in Ladder, FBD, and STL format
  • To understand more complex programming functions including Times and Counters
  • To be able to use the TIA Portal Software suite to be able to determine the cause of PLC and Machine faults

Course Content:

  • SIMATIC S7 1200 & 1500 programmable controller architecture and associated hardware
  • Physical installation
  • Network communications
  • Principles of PLC operation
  • Systems configuration and I/O Module addressing
  • Memory areas
  • Addressing Principles
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to TIA Portal
  • Methods of program representation: Ladder, FBD, STL
  • Block types used within step 7: OB, FC, FB, DB, FB
  • An introduction to Boolean algebra
  • Common program instruction including Timer, Counter, Move, Set/Reset, POS & NEG edge detect
  • Introduction to structured programmes - Sequence based approach
  • Program documentation
  • Loading, backing up and archiving of programs
  • SIMATIC TIA Portal fault finding principles
  • Diagnostics tools and facilities
  • System maintenance