Industreweb Vactory


Industreweb makes the digital factory a reality using state of the art technology to produce a real-time digital twin of your production facility in virtual environment.


Industreweb Vactory (Virtual Factory) makes the digital factory a reality through the use of real-time data provided by Industreweb Collect coupled with advanced 3D technology you to view a virtual representation of your processes. From this, viewing production issues, live and historic KPI's and simulating new production scenarios becomes possible.

Production assets whether they are machines, products, or people can be modeled both visually in the 3D environment along with their behaviors. Two types of assets can be created in your Vactory:

  • Twinned
    Twinned Vactory assets are virtual objects that have a physical twin. The Twinned asset will behave in the virtual factory in the same way as its physical twin, enabling you to watch its behavior remotely on all common devices - PC, tablet, phone.
  • Virtual
    Virtual assets exist only in the Vactory but behave as a physical device would. This enables you to


ANDON mode selected in Vactory

Data HUD

HUD shows data from selected model


Twinning of UR