About SMECluster

SME Cluster is the result of an on going collaborative project that has been evolving over the past twenty years. We now feel the time is right to introduce our platform to the world.

SMECluster is a platform that aims to provide: useful tools and services for small businesses, communities and individuals as well as providing useful information and links. It will provide opportunities for revenue generation through access to tenders and business tools that can streamline your business operations.

The original concept was to provide a place where you could get reliable information about opportunities and in the local community. The following statement summarised the initial concepts:

"Whether you're a well established business or looking to start one, it's always good to find a source of information that can give you all the basic tools, information, signposting to help you grow your business. Of course you don't have to be a business person to benefit from SMECluster. Individuals and community groups can contribute or benefit from the cluster. The target areas are highlighted in the links above (Training, Office, Environmental, Tendering, Research and Industrial) covering all the main sectors and disciplines most people will be categorised under or would want to look for. Whether you're looking to reduce the piles of paperwork or looking for new business opportunities you will something of value on the portal."

Behind the scenes the structure of the portal is being constructed and new features should pop up all the time. If you have any great ideas to improve the site please contact us by clicking here.