Tools and Services

Industreweb Collect

Industreweb Collect links to all your sources of data providing real-time monitoring and decision making via its high speed logic engine. Monitor data, create alerts and trigger actions in other syste…

COMAU Robot Monitoring

The COMAU robot monitoring suite provides the facility to remotely monitor live performance data for all COMAU multi axis robots.

Industreweb Andon

Coherent display of data is key to any successful process. For this reason a lot of time has been spent developing a system that is low cost, flexible and above all else effective.

Industreweb Display

Display is a platform independent, browser based reporting and analysis tool. Industreweb Display is designed to display production information and statistics from the Industreweb Collect server.

Industreweb Knowledge Base

Captures valuable solutions on machine failure and provides fault solution including notes, documentation, videos and more. Automatically presents specific fault information to Engineers and Operators…

Robot Monitoring

Robot Monitoring

Industreweb Vactory

Industreweb makes the digital factory a reality using state of the art technology to produce a real-time digital twin of your production facility in virtual environment.