Project ID:869951
Programme: H2020
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 53 months
Start Date: 01 Nov 2019
Overall Budget: € 9 199 249,50
EU Contribution: € 7 089 837

Cognition can improve the behaviour of a complex process system by combining digital twins, which are driven by domain models (i.e., knowledge), with the models derived from data (i.e., experience). In order to realize it, we need a real-time processing layer where observations (i.e. events), knowledge and experience interoperate to understand and control the behaviour of a complex system (i.e., cognition). FACTLOG offers such a layer and aims at deploying and adjusting it to several process industries.

DIH4CPS - Digital Innovation Hubs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs
Project ID:872548
Programme: H2020
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 48 months
Start Date: 01 Jan 2019
Overall Budget: € 9 158 683,75
EU Contribution: € 7 999 333,75

The initiative for Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs (DIH4CPS) will help European enterprises overcome innovation hurdles and establish Europe as a world leading innovator of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

DIH4CPS will create an embracing, interdisciplinary network of DIHs and solution providers, focused on cyber-physical and embedded systems, interweaving knowledge and technologies from different domains, and connecting regional clusters with the pan-European expert pool of DIHs. Backed by the IVLab, an experienced and wellestablished network organisation focussed on Interoperability, DIH4CPS can innately build on an extensive existing network, add value to its existing knowledge transfer capabilities and guarantee the sustainability of the growing DIH network.

eFactory - European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing
Project ID:825075
Call: H2020-DT-2018-1
Programme: H2020
DG/Agency: CNECT
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 48 months
Start Date: 01 Jan 2019
Estimated Project Cost: 16,368,842.50
Requested EU Contribution: 13,640,264.01

The eFactory project The eFactory project realises a federated smart factory ecosystem by primarily interlinking 4 smart factory platforms, from the FoF-11-2016 cluster, through an open and interoperable Data Spine. EFPF is a federated smart factory ecosystem and a digital platform that interlinks different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain. The EFPF platform enable users to utilise innovative functionalities, experiment with disruptive approaches and develop custom solutions to maximise connectivity, interoperability and efficiency across the supply chains.

Project ID:637066 
Call: H2020-EU.2.1.1. & H2020-EU.
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 4 Years (Jan 2015 - Dec 2019)
Overall Budget: € 5 332 095
EU Contribution: € 5 324 720

Providing Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing based on the XaaS and Cloud model.

CREMA aims at simplifying the establishment, management, adaptation, and monitoring of dynamic, cross-organisational manufacturing processes following Cloud manufacturing principles. CREMA will develop the means to model, configure, execute, and monitor manufacturing processes, providing end-to-end support for Cloud manufacturing by implementing real systems and testing and demonstrating them in real manufacturing environments.

DIGICOR  - Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains
Project number: 723336
Call: H2020-IND-CE-2016-17 (Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy)
Programme: Horizon 2020
Duration: 3 years (October 2016 – September 2019)
Total Budget: 7993818,75 Euro 

Abstract: The DIGICOR project will provide an open platform, tools and services that allows European companies to create and operate collaborative networks across the value chain. The project will develop novel collaboration and management concepts and implement into a collaboration platform and related tools for the setup and coordination of the collaboration networks. In particular, the project addresses the integration of non-traditional, small but innovative companies or service providers into the complex supply chain of large OEM. The project will significantly reduce the burden to setup production networks and collaboration between SME, will shorten the needed time to jointly respond to business opportunities and to enter supply chains of large manufacturers and will simplify the management and control of the production and logistics in execution.


Project ID:608627
Call: FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF(RTD)
Type of Action: CP-FP

Duration: 3 Years (July 2013 - June 2016)
Overall Budget: € 5 113 137
EU Contribution: € 3 550 000

Intelligent Systems Configuration Services for Flexible Dynamic Global Production Networks

Project ID:604674
Call: FP7-2012-ICT-FI

Type of Action: CP
Duration: 2 Years (April 2013 -  March 2015)
Overall Budget: € 18 483 329
EU Contribution: € 12 890 000

The mission of the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries) project is to provide the FI PPP with a set of industry-led use case trials in the Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future domains, in order to test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WARE Generic Enablers, this way contributing to the social-technological-economical-environmental-political sustainability of EU Manufacturing Industries.

Project ID: 285220
Call: FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF

Type of Action: CP
Duration: 3 Years (April 2011 -  August 2014)
Overall Budget: € 3 570 789
EU Contribution: € 2 807 000

ADaptive Virtual ENterprise ManufacTURing Environment.

In order to cope with the demand for flexibility and fast-paced business innovation, there is a need for an integrated, yet framework, environment which is able to establish, manage, monitor, and adapt virtual factories. This needs to be based on the requirements of the manufacturing processes at a deep technical level to provide easy, flexible interoperability with minimal user skills especially to support SMEs. ADVENTURE will deliver this platform and the accompanying tools by providing a holistic environment for plug-and-play virtual factories based on cross-organisational manufacturing processes.

Project ID:243544
Call: FP7-SME-2008-2

Type of Action: BSG-SME-AG
Duration: 3 Years (July 2010 -  March 2013)
Overall Budget: € 3 140 637,80
EU Contribution: € 2 274 162

The European research project CADIC will help a large number of SME to set up and strengthen own clusters and engage in existing and suitable clusters on a much easier and more cost-efficient basis. To reach that aim, the “Cross-organisational Assessment and Development of Intellectual Capital” (CADIC) needs to be supported systematically by suitable methodologies and technical platforms.

Project ID: 216089
Call: FP7-ICT-2007-1

Type of Action: CP
Duration: 3 Years (Feb 2008 -  May 2011)
Overall Budget: € 5 191 334
EU Contribution: € 3 949 742

The SYNERGY project envisages the delivery of Collaboration Knowledge services through trusted third parties offering web-based, pay on demand services, exploitable through interoperability service utilities (ISUs). The overall aim of SYNERGY is to enhance support of the networked enterprise in the successful, timely creation of, and participation in collaborative VOs by providing an infrastructure and services to discover, capture, deliver and apply knowledge relevant to collaboration creation and operation. 

Project ID: 034980

Type of Action: STREP
Duration: 3 Years (Sept 2006 -  August 2009)
Overall Budget: € 3 798 348
EU Contribution: € 2 656 815

The aim of the STASIS project is to enable stakeholders, particularly SMEs to participate in the eEconomy within Europe and Internationally by researching into the fields of semantic interoperability within an eBusiness context and developing software platforms and applications which will enable this. It will facilitate their electronic trading with both larger companies and peer SMEs since it will provide both a desktop and web-based service-orientated environment to facilitate the establishment of semantic business connections. STASIS has a strong international perspective in involving many European states and there are also several Chinese partners engaged through the EU-China Science and Technology agreement.


Airbus Defence & Space GmbH (Germany) – coordinator
Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH (Germany)
Control 2K Limited (UK)
Certicon a.s. (Czech Republic)
SingularLogic (Greece)
Information Catalyst for Enterprise (UK)
Almende B.V. (Netherlands)
University of Manchester (UK)
ČVUT in Prague (Czech Republic)
Fortiss GmbH (Germany)
COMAU S.p.A. (Italy)