A Pragmatic Approach to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR / I4.0) - 25th May 2017

Amidst the noise within the drive to Industry 4.0, a strategy is forming amongst enlightened businesses. As increasingly market leaders align their products to I4.0 or 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) as its becoming known in the UK, how can you separate the marketing spin from the game changing technology?


  • Breakfast Rolls (8:30 - 9:00)
  • IET Intro
  • Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub Presents: Introduction “Identifying day to day challenges round the current environments” how are we going to move from todays problems to tomorrows solutions
  • Taking the negative situation and turning it positive
  • Presentations (~1.5hrs)
    • I4.0 Landscape + Challenges
    • IW4.0 Approach
    • Utilising Data – Populating your management system with quality data satisfying QS standards
    • Cyber Threats – Ransomware the new crime wave
    • Astute funding
  • Demos and Clinic (2 hr)
    • Affordable Production monitoring
    • Asset tracking
    • Man-Machine interface / applications


See a full selection of the presentations on the day: