SMECluster Event 5 – Artificial Intelligence on the Shop-Floor - Thurs 17th October 2019

While many are still coming to terms with Industry 4.0 (or 4IR as it is being referred to in UK), the world is moving on again but the challenge is to bring humans back into the loop, so all the talk is about "Human Factors" and Ethical AI which brings a warmer edge to the connected systems.

Understand the real features AI offers and what new skills will be required to deploy the technology. What differences it will make to operators and users and the culture change that AI is expected to bring. These topics are discussed with practical demonstrations to highlight the real implications for businesses who want to adopt the new technology.

What’s on Offer?

As always, Experts are invited to present the latest thinking about AI Systems and what they mean to their organisations. Will operators, engineers, shop workers, the public or anyone else actually notice the difference in their day to day interactions with Technology?

Clearly we are very much in the world of providers (suppliers) and consumers (users) and AI will impact each of these groups in different ways. Are we sacrificing our personal freedoms in exchange for better services and applications and who benefits from our data? 

Ultimately if we are working for organisations who need to track us and keep us safe going to be tempted to pry into our personal lives and use our own data against us?

Come see AI in action and talk to the experts and put your point of view across in our interactive workshops and discussions and a chance to quiz the Professionals who are at the forefront of developments in AI.

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SMECluster Event 5 - 17th Oct 2019

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Smecluster 2015 Flyer

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